Classify Documents & Text with .NET SDK

‎‎.NET Cloud SDK to communicate with classification REST API for automated classification of text and documents according to IAB-2 & document ‎taxonomy.‎‎

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GroupDocs.Classification Cloud SDK for .NET

GroupDocs.Classification Cloud SDK for .NET


GroupDocs.Classification Cloud SDK for .NET enables you to classify your raw text as well as documents ‎into predefined categories. Classification Cloud SDK supports multiple taxonomy types, such as IAB-2 ‎taxonomy and Document taxonomy. Classification information can be viewed regarding classes as well ‎as their respective probabilities.‎

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Advanced Classification REST API Features



Perform raw text classification as per IAB-2 taxonomy


Classify documents based on Document taxonomy


View classes with their respective probabilities as classification information


Speed up the development process


‎100% tested and out of the box running


Convenient to use API


Easy integration with REST API


Secure APIs that require authentication


Swagger based API explorer

Supported Types of Taxonomy

GroupDocs.Classification Cloud SDK for .NET performs classification based on two types of Taxonomies. ‎The raw text classification is done as per IAB-2 taxonomy, while to classify documents, the Document ‎taxonomy is used. Following example shows how to classify raw text based on IAB-2 taxonomy using ‎cURL:‎

Get document page as responsive HTML - .NET

var request = new ClassifyRequest(new BaseRequest()
		Description = "Try Text classification"
// Get classification results
var response = apiInstance.Classify(request);

Support and Learning Resources


GroupDocs.Classification Cloud also offers individual document rendering SDKs for other popular languages as listed below: