Compare Documents via Ruby Cloud SDK

Build corporate document comparison tools using REST API. Works as a comprehensive solution for all major file formats.‎‎

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  • GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud SDK for .NET
  • GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud SDK for Java
  • GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud SDK for PHP
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GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud is a REST API that enables your Ruby applications to fetch two ‎documents of supported file format, compare those ‎same format documents and find differences ‎between them. The SDK allows you to make a resultant file and enables you to ‎accept or reject the ‎retrieved changes. Our Document Comparison SDK allows easy integration ‎into your existing Ruby ‎applications, to empower your end-users to compare documents, spreadsheets, ‎presentations, ‎Microsoft Visio diagrams, emails, and files of many other formats.‎‎‎

Advanced Document Comparison REST API Features

Compare Documents Stored at Cloud Storage

Fetch Documents of Supported File Types as File or Array of images

Retrieve Resultant Document that Contains Differences among Compared Documents‎

Get List of Categories, such as, TypeChanged or OnlyNumbers etc., for the Modified Content

Accept/Reject Document Modifications to Save or Discard them

Return Document Modifications as a Set of Images or their Stream

Get Resultant Document (with Modifications) via Stream

Fetch Document (with Comparison Result) as a Set of Images or their Stream

Retrieve Resultant Document (with the Comparison Result) as a Stream‎

Get Document Result as Images

Using GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud API, you can compare documents and get the list of modifications ‎in the form of images. Following piece of code shows how you can compare a source and ‎a target ‎DOCX files and fetch their differences in a result.DOCX file. Later you can get the resultant DOCX file as ‎images using Ruby:‎

Get Document Result as Images using Ruby

# TODO: Get your AppSID and AppKey at (free registration is required).
# For complete examples and data files, please go to
# Returns images of document with the result of comparison
# throws ApiException if the Api call fails

def comparison_images

  @config =, Utils::APP_KEY)
  @config.api_base_url = Utils::API_BASE_URL
  @sourcefile = "source.docx"
  @targetfile = "target.docx"
  @outputfile= "result.docx"

  # Upload file to Cloud Storage

  # Returns images of document with the result of comparison
  @comparison_api = GroupDocsComparisonCloud::ComparisonApi.from_config(@config)
  request =, @targetfile),@outputfile)
  response = @comparison_api.comparison_images(request)
  puts response
puts 'completed'


GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud also offers individual document comparison SDKs for other popular languages as listed below: