PHP Cloud SDK for Document Conversion

REST API for developers to convert documents and images among supported file formats. Allows seamless integration into your applications.

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The GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud SDK for PHP has been developed to help you get started with our document conversion REST API, which lets you seamlessly convert your documents to any format you need. With this single API, you can convert back and forth between over 50 types of documents and images, including all Microsoft Office and OpenDocument file formats, PDF documents, HTML, CAD, raster images and many more.

Advanced Document Conversion API Features

Convert across all common formats

Convert page by page or custom range of pages

Watermark pages

Get high quality output files

Password protect output document

APIs are secured and require authentication

Quick and Reliable Document Conversion

GroupDocs.Conversion REST API has the capability to convert documents to any of the supported formats, Using the SDK for PHP, we can perform this task with just a few lines of code.

Conversion to any format with storage URL output - PHP

//Get your App SID, App Key and Storage Name at (free registration is required).
$configuration = new GroupDocs\Conversion\Configuration();

$conversionApi = new GroupDocs\Conversion\ConversionApi($configuration);
$settings = new GroupDocs\Conversion\Model\ConvertSettings();

$settings->setStorageName("xxxxxxx xxxx");
$settings->setOutputPath("converted docs");

$request = new GroupDocs\Conversion\Model\Requests\ConvertDocumentRequest($settings);
$response = $conversionApi->convertDocument($request);
echo "Converted document can be downloaded from: ", $response[0]->getUrl();

Get Started in No Time

GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud API is completely independent of your operating system, database system or development language. You can use any language and platform that supports HTTP to interact with our API. However, manually writing client code can be difficult, error-prone and time-consuming. Therefore, we have provided and support API SDKs in many development languages in order to make it easier to integrate with us. If you use SDK, it hides the REST API calls and lets you use GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud API features in a native way for your preferred language.

Security and Authentication

The GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud API is secured and requires authentication. Users need to register at GroupDocs Cloud and get their app access key ID (appSID) and app secret access key. Authenticated requests require a signature and AppSID query parameters or OAuth 2.0 athrorization header.

Easy Customization

GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud SDK is 100% tested and out of the box running. The SDK is open source and has an MIT license. You can use it, and even customize it for absolutely free of charge.

Support and Learning Resources

GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud also offers individual document rendering SDKs for other popular languages as listed below: