Documents Editor SDK for Ruby Applications

Cloud REST API to incorporate document editing features within Ruby applications. No external application needed to edit documents of all popular formats.

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GroupDocs.Editor Cloud SDK for Ruby

GroupDocs.Editor Cloud SDK for Ruby


GroupDocs.Editor Cloud SDK for Ruby is easy to integrate with GroupDocs.Cloud REST API, thus allowing to quickly edit a wide range of document formats within Ruby applications without needing to install MS Office or other applications. Using the document editor library – easily perform all most demanded document editing operations while manipulating presentations, Excel spreadsheets, HTML, XML and Word processing documents. Just upload the document file to be edited via GroupDocs.Editor Cloud API into any front-end WYSIWYG editor, manipulate it and easily convert back to its original document type.

GroupDocs.Editor Cloud SDK for Ruby is built as a layer on top of GroupDocs.Editor Cloud REST API that saves valuable development time by managing low-level requests and handling responses. The developers can focus on writing up the specific code only as needed in the project.

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Advanced Document Editor REST API Features



Integrates easily within any WYSIWYG editor


Edit Word documents as a whole or define pages range


Multi-tabbed spreadsheet editing is supported


Optimized memory usage for large CSV or TSV files


Extract document information (type, size, page count etc)


Cloud REST API to be used with any language or platform

Working with Presentations - Ruby

//Get your App SID, App Key and Storage Name at (free registration is required).
fileApi = GroupDocsEditorCloud::FileApi.from_keys($app_sid, $app_key)
editApi = GroupDocsEditorCloud::EditApi.from_keys($app_sid, $app_key)
# The document already uploaded into the storage.
# Load it into editable state
fileInfo =
fileInfo.file_path = 'Presentation/with-notes.pptx'       
loadOptions =
loadOptions.file_info = fileInfo
loadOptions.output_path = "output"
loadOptions.slide_number = 0
loadRequest =        
loadResult = editApi.load(loadRequest)
# Download html document
htmlFile = fileApi.download_file( loadResult.html_path)
html =
# Edit something...
html = html.gsub("Slide sub-heading", "Hello world!")
# Upload html back to storage
htmlFile =, "w")        
uploadRequest = loadResult.html_path,, "r")
# Save html back to pptx
saveOptions =
saveOptions.file_info = fileInfo
saveOptions.output_path = "output/edited.pptx"
saveOptions.html_path = loadResult.html_path
saveOptions.resources_path = loadResult.resources_path
saveRequest =
saveResult =        
puts("Document edited: " + saveResult.path)

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