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Enhance capabilities of your tools and applications with advanced document merging and splitting features using REST API & Node.js Cloud SDK.

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GroupDocs.Merger Cloud SDK for Node.js is a robust solution to combine, split, remove and rearrange single page or a collection of pages from various document formats. Representing the document pages as images is one many useful features to quickly analyse the content and document structure. It supports working with a wide range of document formats including Microsoft Office Word, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Visio drawings, OneNote, PDF, HTML, OpenDocument, text and many others. Extract basic information of the document and perform document security operations by applying updating or deleting password protections from supported document formats. The API is also helpful to extract, swap or rotate selected pages from the source document and accurately generates a new resultant document based on specified pages from the source document. GroupDocs.Merger Cloud SDK for Node.js is built as a layer on top of GroupDocs.Merger Cloud REST API that can be used with any language or development platform that can call REST APIs.

Document Merger REST API Features

Combine multiple pages, slides or spreadsheets into a single document

Swap position of any two pages, slides or sheets within a document

Rotate pages by setting rotation angles like 90, 180 or 270 degrees

Split any document into smaller files

Remove any single or collection of specific pages

Change page orientation

Rearrange pages, slides or diagrams

Set, reset & remove password

Fetch list of supported file formats

Join pages from various documents - Node.js

  //Get your App SID and App Key at (free registration is required).
  class JoinPagesFromVariousDocuments {
  static async Run() {
    let item1 = new merger_cloud.JoinItem();
    item1.fileInfo = new merger_cloud.FileInfo();
    item1.fileInfo.filePath = "WordProcessing/sample-10-pages.docx";
    item1.pages = [3, 6, 8];

    let item2 = new merger_cloud.JoinItem();
    item2.fileInfo = new merger_cloud.FileInfo();
    item2.fileInfo.filePath = "WordProcessing/four-pages.docx";
    item2.startPageNumber = 1
    item2.endPageNumber = 4
    item2.rangeMode = merger_cloud.JoinItem.RangeModeEnum.OddPages;
    let options = new merger_cloud.JoinOptions();
    options.joinItems = [item1, item2];
    options.outputPath = "Output/joined-pages.docx";

    let result = await documentApi.join(new merger_cloud.JoinRequest(options));

    console.log("Output file path: " + result.path);
module.exports = JoinPagesFromVariousDocuments;

GroupDocs.Merger Cloud also offers individual document merger SDKs for other languages as listed below: