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.NET Parser SDK communicate with the REST API enabling you to build document parsing and data extraction tools on .NET platform.

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GroupDocs.Parser Cloud SDK for .NET

GroupDocs.Parser Cloud SDK for .NET


GroupDocs.Parser Cloud SDK facilitates .NET developers to parse any document to extract text, extract images and metadata within .NET based applications. SDK (REST API Client) is the easiest and quick way for the developer to speed up the development. This lets the developer focus on just to write the project-specific code and not to worry about the low-level details of making requests and handling the responses.

Documents can be parsed by easy to use user-defined templates with data field definitions and table definitions. Then it's simple to extract data such as text fields, numbers, tables from the typical documents and even from containers like ZIP archives, OST/PST mail data files, eBooks, markups, and PDF portfolios.

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Document Parser REST API Features



Parse PDF, word processing documents, spreadsheets & presentations


Parse Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OpenDocument template files


Parse Macro-Enabled document & templates for MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint


Extract text content from the whole document


Extract text and images from specific pages


Extract formatted text by setting extraction mode


Extract text from the documents in ZIP archives or Emails


Retrieve documents from Emails, PDF portfolios & MS Outlook storages


Get document page count and other information

Extract Text from a Document by Page Number Range

GroupDocs.Parser Cloud API, provides sevelral ways to extract text from the documents. You can extract only text, extract formatted text by setting extraction modes, extract from the specific pages by setting pages range. Following example shows how to extract text from a PDF document by setting page range.

Parse PDF document to extract text from specific pages - C# .NET

// Get AppKey and AppSID from
string MyAppKey = "";
string MyAppSid = "";

var configuration = new Configuration(MyAppSid, MyAppKey);

var apiInstance = new ParseApi(configuration);
var fileInfo = new FileInfo
    FilePath = "directory/document.pdf"

var options = new TextOptions
    FileInfo = fileInfo,
    StartPageNumber = 1,
    CountPagesToExtract = 2

var request = new TextRequest(options);
var response = apiInstance.Text(request);

// For complete examples, visit

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GroupDocs.Parser Cloud also offers individual document parser SDKs for other popular languages as listed below: