.NET Cloud SDK for Document Rewriting

Paraphrase plain text and text content from Microsoft Word and PDF documents using documents rewriting Cloud SDK & REST API.

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GroupDocs.Rewriter Cloud SDK for .NET helps developers to add text and document paraphrasing features in any type of .NET based application without using external software. The API extracts text content from Microsoft Word and PDF documents, uses modern machine learning techniques to efficiently rewrite the on-page contents of Microsoft Word and PDF documents and inserts paraphrased text back to the document.

GroupDocs.Rewriter Cloud is a true REST API thus offering flexibility to use it with any language or platform that supports REST. It easily integrates with other cloud services to provide an ideal document paraphrasing experience across web, mobile desktop or cloud platforms.

Advanced Document Rewriting REST API Features

Supports English language paraphrasing

Paraphrasing of Word documents

Paraphrasing of PDF documents

Plain text rewriting

APIs are secured and require authentication

API explorer based on swagger collection

Quick Start with Document Rewriting REST API

GroupDocs.Rewriter Cloud API comes with detailed developer guides and live code examples for all major programming languages to start working with API features in no time. Simply create a free account at GroupDocs Cloud, get APP SID & Key information to communicate with GroupDocs Cloud API and you are ready to make an API request on any platform using cURL commands or the SDKs of your choice.

Rewrite Word document - .NET

  //Get your App SID, App Key and Storage Name at https://dashboard.groupdocs.cloud (free registration is required).

  public FileResponse RewriteDocument(Configuration conf)
      string name = "test.docx";
      string folder = "";
      string language = "en";
      string format = "docx";
      string storage = "First Storage";
      string saveFile = "translation.docx";
      string savePath = "";
      RewriterApi api = new RewriterApi(conf);
      RewriteDocumentRequest request = api.CreateDocumentRequest(name, folder, language, format, storage, saveFile, savePath, masters, elements);
      FileResponse response = api.RunRewritingTask(request);
      return response;

Any Language, Platform and Storage Service Provider

GroupDocs.Rewriter for Cloud is a REST based API that can easily be integrated with any language or platform, capable to manage HTTP requests and responses. It supports all popular cloud storage services such as Google Cloud, Drive, DropBox and Amazon S3 to interact without any dependencies.

Rewrite plain text - .NET

  //Get your App SID, App Key and Storage Name at https://dashboard.groupdocs.cloud (free registration is required).

  public TextResponse TranslateText(Configuration conf)
      string language = "en";
      string text = "The client’s mission is to make the world a healthier place and to make traveling and visiting public places safer and more comfortable for people.";
      RewriterApi api = new RewriterApi(conf);
      RewriteTextRequest request = api.CreateTextRequest(language, text);
      TextResponse response = api.RunRewritingTextTask(request);
      return response;

Security and Authentication

The GroupDocs.Rewriter Cloud API is SSL secured and the authentication requests require a signature and AppSID query parameters or OAuth 2.0 authorization header.

Support and Learning Resources

GroupDocs.Rewriter Cloud also offers document paraphrasing SDKs for other languages as listed below: