Digitally Secure Documents via PHP SDK

Business document signing RESTful APIs for PHP help you build tools to create, embed, search and verify numerous types of digital signatures.

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PHP SDK for Electronic Signature REST API

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for PHP


With GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for PHP, we want to help you speed up the adoption of e-Signatures and facilitate the integration of our document signing cloud APIs into your workflows. The SDK allows you to utilize all the features provided by the REST API like creating, verifying and searching different types of signature objects in a number of document formats in a much simpler manner. It supports a wide variety of signature options like putting signatures on a document, verifies document and searches signatures in it. 


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Advanced Document Signature REST API Features



Provide the list of supported document formats


Retrieve document pages information


Retrieve document properties


Verify Text and Digital signatures


Verify Barcode and QR-Code signatures


Cross-Platform Compatibility


Search multiple signatures

Add multiple signatures

Digitally Sign a Multitude of Documents

GroupDocs.Signature allows end users to sign documents literally in all common business formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Rich Text format etc. Since the SDK is basically a PHP library for communicating with the API, you can sign all those formats using the SDK as well.

Supported Signature Types

Our e-Signature RESTful API supports the following signature types:

  • Text Signature
  • Image Signature
  • Barcode Signature
  • QR-Code Signature
  • Digital Signature
  • Stamp Signature

The API has flexible methods to add supported signatures to a number of supported document formats. For instance, the API provides methods to create Text Signature in Document Pages with different options of Text, location, alignment, font, margins, and appearances by using Signature Options Object data in the request body.

A Flexible SDK for your Specific Needs

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for PHP allows you to incorporate a number of features supported by our e-signing REST API in your application. The following is a list of operations that are currently supported by the SDK for PHP:

  • Provide list of supported document formats
  • Obtain list of supported Barcode and QR-Code encode type names
  • Retrieve document properties like document size, creation and update dates, count of pages etc
  • Retrieve document pages information like pages count etc
  • Support signature for PDF documents
  • Support signature on Microsoft Documents formats like MSWord Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations
  • Support signature for Open Document Formats, HTML and many more
  • Verify documents for signatures

Get the API Working Really Fast

Use our SDK for an easy integration or spend a bit more time for complete customization. The SDK hides the "low-level" details of the API related to HTTP requests and responses, making it much easier to incorporate the API into your applications and subsequently get you up and running with your solution quickly and easily.

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