Ruby SDK to e-Sign Documents

Electronically sign files & manage text, image, QR-code, stamp, digital and barcode signatures in ruby applications with simple usage of e-signing REST API.

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GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for Ruby is a REST oriented API for easy integration into existing Ruby based eSign and digital signature programs. This signature SDK helps you speed up the development by taking care of low-level details, such as request and response handling. Moreover, it provides you with a handy collection of features to apply various types of signatures, such as, image signatures, barcode signatures, QR-Code signatures, text-based signatures, digital and stamp signatures. This customizable Ruby based signature SDK allows you to work with signatures in spreadsheets, presentations, images, portable and simple files of supported formats.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to create my own Ruby application that can parse files online?

Check our Cloud SDKs for Ruby at GitHub if you are looking for the source code to parse files in the Cloud.

Can I try GroupDocs.Signature REST APIs on Ruby for free?

You can try GroupDocs.Signature Low-Code Ruby APIs without any limitations.

I do not want to upload my confidential files anywhere? What are my options?

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud is also available as Docker image which can be used to self-host the service. Or you may build your own services using GroupDocs.Signature High-code APIs which currently drive both our Free Apps and REST APIs.

Advanced Document Signature REST API Features

Get list of supported document formats

Fetch List of Supported Encode Type Names for Barcode and QR-Code

Retrieve Document Information from File or Provided URL

Apply Signature to a Document using File Name or at Specified URL

Apply Background Brush & Text Alignment to Text Signatures

Verify Text and Digital Signatures for PDF, Word and Excel Documents using File or via URL

Verify Barcode and QR-Code Signatures for all Supported Document Formats using File or via URL

Search Digital Signatures in PDF Files, Spreadsheets and Word Documents in File or via URL

Search Barcode and QR-Code Signatures in all Supported Document Formats in File or via URL

Add & Verify Multiple Signatures to Document using File Name or Provided URL

Search Multiple Signatures in a Document using its File Name or Provided URL

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Get Document Information

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for Ruby makes it very easy to work with eSignatures. In addition to applying digital signatures you can also manipulate document properties. Following example elaborates how to retrieve document information of a DOCX file using Ruby:

Get Document Information using Ruby

# Load the gem
require 'groupdocs_signature_cloud'
require 'groupdocs_signature_cloud/models/requests/get_document_info_request.rb'
require 'common_utilities/Utils.rb'
class DocumentInfo_File
def self.Get_DocumentInfo_File()
  # Getting instance of the API
  api = Common_Utilities.Get_SignatureApi_Instance()
  request ="one-page.docx", "", "", $storage_name)
  response = api.get_document_info(request)
  puts("FleName: " + (;
  puts("Folder: " + (response.folder).to_s);

Set Background Brush for Stamp & Text Signatures

Using GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for Ruby, you can set background brush effects for your text as well as stamp signatures. Currently, the SDK supports to apply 4 different types of brushes, which include, Radial Gradient Brush, Linear Gradient Brush, Textured Brush, and Solid Brush.

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud also offers individual SDKs for other popular languages as listed below: