REST APIs & SDKs for Document Automation

Build cross-platform document management solutions via Cloud APIs. View, Annotate, Convert, Compare, eSign, Split, Merge, Edit, Classify or Translate documents without any dependencies.

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GroupDocs.Total Cloud is a complete package of REST APIs that can help the developers to build applications with capabilities to view, annotate, e-sign, convert, compare, merge, split or classify over 50 types of document types and images. It supports all major file formats from Microsoft Office, Visio, Project, AutoCAD, Photoshop as well as common formats such as PDF, TXT, HTML, MHTML and more.

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud Product Family

Allows you to load & display 50+ types of documents and images in any type of application with customizable user interface. The Cloud-based Viewer API provides high-fidelity document rendering without requiring any software or plugin installations. GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud currently supports formats from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio & Outlook. Also capable of rendering AutoCAD drawings, 3D models, images and many other formats.

GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud Product Family

Allows integration of annotation features to any type of app without requiring additional software. You can develop annotation apps with the ability to collaborate in real-time while annotating popular document & image types. Cloud Annotation API is a robust set of commenting and mark-up tools that also provides a customizable web-based UI. Supports 50+ file formats from word processing files, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, diagrams & images.

GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud Product Family

Lets you build applications that can convert back and forth between popular document formats, including PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenDocument, HTML, TXT, CAD, raster images and many more. Cloud Conversion API can convert files one by one on-the-fly as well as provides the ability to create and execute the conversion queue.

GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud Product Family

Cloud Comparison API can compare two versions of a document with the ability to display the differences in a simple UI. Developers can easily embed the Difference Finder UI to any type of application, allowing their users to compare popular document types online. GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud support PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT and HTML, and several other industry-standard file formats.

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud Product Family

Cloud Signature API is most popular on the market. It provides the e-signature functionality with detailed audit trails, 256-bit SSL encryption, and anti-tampering technology for secure online document signing. GroupDocs.Signature Cloud API also gives access to sophisticated workflows for preparing, sending, e-signing and managing signed documents online.

GroupDocs.Metadata Cloud Product Family

Cloud Metadata REST API provides flexible metadata management solution to view, update, extract, find and remove metadata information from well over 60 documents, images and other popular file formats. GroupDocs Metadata Cloud API is secure metadata manipulation solution requiring 2-key authentication that users can generate through the dashboard.

GroupDocs.Parser Cloud Product Family

Document Parser REST API allows document parsing to extract text & images out of the whole document or specified page ranges. The API supports a long list of popular document formats from eBooks to containers like ZIP archives and PDF Portfolios as well as Office & OpenOffice documents. Basic information of document size, file type and page count can also be obtained by using the feature of metadata extraction.

GroupDocs.Merger Cloud Product Family

Document Merger Cloud API is a document merger and splitter REST API that supports business documents of many file formats. It allows creating online tools with features to reorder, rotate, swap pages or change page orientation. GroupDocs.Merger Cloud supports to preview pages of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, OneNote, OpenDocument, PDF, HTML documents.

GroupDocs.Classification Cloud Product Family

GroupDocs.Classification Cloud API enables the developers to classify the raw text and documents into predefined categories as per IAB-2 or document taxonomy. Along with the raw text, classification cloud API supports word processing file formats for Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and Portable Document Format (PDF).

GroupDocs.Translation Cloud Product Family

Document Translation REST API allows text-translation on Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint files to other popular business languages. The content translation is available for 22 language pairs, namely to & from English to French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Polish & Portuguese. The REST API is capable to read and translate the content from tables, footnotes, endnotes, image captions, charts, headers & footers.

GroupDocs.Rewriter Cloud Product Family

GroupDocs.Rewriter Cloud REST API allows developers to integrate paraphrasing feature into their products and applications. It works with Microsoft Word and PDF documents as well as with plain text. GroupDocs.Rewriter extracts text from your document and modifies it by changing the order of words or replacing words or phrases by their synonyms, preserving the sense.