.NET Cloud SDK for text and document translation

Create .NET applications based on GroupDocs.Translation API focusing on business logic rather than the technical details.

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  • GroupDocs.Translation Cloud SDK for Java
  • GroupDocs.Translation Cloud SDK for Python
  • GroupDocs.Translation Cloud SDK for Android
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GroupDocs.Translation offers real-time machine translation for texts, documents, images, subtitles and resources. Powerful machine learning algorithms and sophisticated neural networks provide a quality close to that of a professional human translator, but much faster and more cost-effective. Running on a high-performance cloud server hosted by GroupDocs, it can translate PDF, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents, Markdown files, and .NET resources into 46 European, Middle East and Asian languages (across 128 language pairs). The API not only translates text, but also accurately preserves metadata, structure, styles, and layout of documents.

This SDK greatly simplifies the interaction of .NET code with GroupDocs.Translation Cloud services, allowing you to focus on business logic rather than the technical details. It handles all the routine operations such as establishing connections, sending API requests, and parsing responses, wrapping all these tasks into a few simple methods that can be used in any .NET application. The .NET SDK, demo applications, documentation, and examples are open source distributed under the MIT license. You can use them for any purpose and change any part of the code.

Advanced features of GroupDocs.Translation Cloud SDK for .NET

Translates to and from 46 European, Middle East and Asian languages

Translates tables in Word documents and PowerPoint presentations

Translates headers and footers in documents

Translates footnotes and endnotes in Word documents

Translates image captions in Word documents

Translates text frames, charts and slides in PowerPoint presentations

Translates texts inside spreadsheet cells

Translates charts and pivot tables in Excel workbooks

Translates Markdown files preserving all common Markdown formatting

Translates files from URLs and public repositories

Converts results into different formats without additional software

Detailed developer reference based on Swagger collection

Quick start with document translation SDK for .NET

GroupDocs.Translation Cloud SDK for .NET comes with detailed developer guides and live code examples to start working with API features in no time. Simply create a free account at GroupDocs Cloud, get APP SID & Key information to communicate with GroupDocs Cloud API and you are ready to use the SDK.

Any language, platform and storage service provider

GroupDocs.Translation Cloud is a REST API that can easily be integrated with any language or platform, capable to manage HTTP requests and responses. It supports all popular cloud storage services such as Google Cloud, Drive, DropBox and Amazon S3 to interact without any dependencies.

Translate plain text in .NET

  using System.Collections.Generic;
  using System.Diagnostics;
  using System.Linq;
  using System.Threading;
  using GroupDocs.Translation.Cloud.Sdk.Api;
  using GroupDocs.Translation.Cloud.Sdk.Client;
  using GroupDocs.Translation.Cloud.Sdk.Client.Auth;
  using GroupDocs.Translation.Cloud.Sdk.Extensions;
  using GroupDocs.Translation.Cloud.Sdk.Model;
  using HttpStatusCode = System.Net.HttpStatusCode;
  namespace GroupDocs.Translation.Cloud.Sdk
      public class TextTranslator
          public TextTranslator()
              Configuration config = new Configuration();
              /** Authorize your requests to GroupDocs.Translation Cloud */
              config.OAuthFlow = OAuthFlow.APPLICATION;
              config.OAuthClientId = "YOU_CLIENT_ID";
              config.OAuthClientSecret = "YOU_CLIENT_SECRET";
              /** Initialize GroupDocs.Translation API */
              config.BasePath = "https://api.groupdocs.cloud/v2.0/translation";
              TranslationApi apiInstance = new TranslationApi(config);
              /** Specify translation parameters */
              string translateFrom = new List<string>() { "Hello, world! I can read this text in my language." };
              string sourceLanguage = "en";
              var targetLanguages = new List<string>() { "de" };
              var request = new TextRequest(
                  sourceLanguage: sourceLanguage, 
                  targetLanguages: targetLanguages, 
                  texts: translateFrom);
              /** Send text to translation */
              StatusResponse translationStatus = apiInstance.TextPost(request);
              /** Wait for results from translation queue */
              if(translationStatus.Status.ToSystemHttpStatusCode() == HttpStatusCode.Accepted)
                      var result = apiInstance.TextRequestIdGet(statusResponse.Id);
                      if(result.Status.ToSystemHttpStatusCode() == HttpStatusCode.OK)

Security and authentication

The GroupDocs.Translation Cloud API is SSL secured and the authentication requests require a signature and AppSID query parameters or OAuth 2.0 authorization header.

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