Render & View Documents via Android SDK

RESTful API to efficiently build Android applications for rendering & viewing documents of all popular formats. Render as HTML, PNG, JPG or PDF.

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GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud is a true REST API that gives the complete freedom of platform & programming language whereas GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK for Android is built as a layer on the top of GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud REST API, allowing a higher level of abstraction so that you don’t need to know the REST API to use this SDK.

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud API allows you to seamlessly enhance your application with the capability to render a number of document formats with the ability to view a specific document in HTML, image, PDF or its original format. You also get the flexibility to render the whole document, page by page or custom range of pages. GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK for Android has been developed to help you integrate all these features in your Android application without any hassle.

Advanced Document Viewer REST API Features

Render documents as HTML5

Render documents as Image

Rotate, reorder & watermark pages

Render documents as PDF

Render document attachments

APIs are secured and require authentication

An Easy SDK for Developers Who Want to Save Time

Using the GroupDocs Cloud APIs is quite simple as there is nothing to install. Simply create an account at GroupDocs Cloud and get your application information. Once you have the App SID & key, you are ready to give the GroupDocs Cloud REST APIs a try. The SDKs have been developed to facilitate the developers and to let them get started with our APIs real fast by hiding the REST API calls and allowing you to use the features of the API in a native way using Android as the language.

Render a Number of Document Formats

The cloud-based viewer API has the ability to display different document formats quickly, with just a few lines of code. Using the SDK for Android you can find out about the various document formats supported by the SDK.

Get a list of supported file formats - Android


  public class ApiExample {
  public static void getSupportedFormats() {

  //TODO: Get your AppSID and AppKey at (free registration is required).

  Configuration configuration = new Configuration(appSid, appKey);

  InfoApi infoApi = new InfoApi(configuration);

  try {
      FormatsResult response = infoApi.getSupportedFileFormats();
      for (Format format : response.getFormats()) {
      } catch (ApiException e) {
          System.err.println("Failed to get supported file formats");


Efficiently Minify Output Content

One of the most exciting features of our Cloud-based viewer API is its ability to minify the output content. Minification removes comments, extra white-spaces, and other unneeded characters without breaking the content structure. As a result, the page becomes smaller in size and loads faster.

Flexible Rendering of Documents

GroupDocs.Viewer is a powerful document viewer REST API that allows you to display over 85 document formats in your applications. It allows document rendering for the whole document, page by page or custom range of pages.

Customize to Suit your Needs

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK for Android is 100% tested and out of the box running. The SDK is open source and has an MIT license. The API is easy to customize and changes can be made according to the features you need to add in your application.

Support and Learning Resources

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud also offers individual document rendering SDKs for other popular languages as listed below: