Document Viewing REST API & Java Cloud SDK

Build robust document rendering & viewing tools using Java REST API. Boost your development without worrying about underlying details.‎

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GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud is a true REST API that gives the complete freedom of platform & programming language whereas GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK for Java is built as a layer on the top of GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud REST API, allowing a higher level of abstraction so that you don’t need to know the REST API to use this SDK.

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud API allows you to seamlessly enhance your application with the capability to render a number of document formats with the ability to view a specific document in HTML, image, PDF or its original format. You also get the flexibility to render the whole document, page by page or custom range of pages. GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK for Java has been developed to help you integrate all these features in your Java application without any hassle.

Advanced Document Viewer REST API Features

Render documents as HTML5

Render documents as Image

Rotate, reorder & watermark pages

Render documents as PDF

Render document attachments

APIs are secured and require authentication

Quick Files and Folder List from the Storage

The cloud-based viewer API can quickly provide the complete list of existing files and folders with few lines of code.

Get Files List from the Specific Storage and Folder - Java

//Get your App SID and App Key at (free registration is required).

FolderApi apiInstance = new FolderApi(appSID, appKey);
GetFilesListRequest request = new GetFilesListRequest("folder name", "storage name");
FilesList response = apiInstance.getFilesList(request);
for (StorageFile storageFile : response.getValue()) {
System.out.println((storageFile.getIsFolder() ? "Folder - " : "File - ") + storageFile.getPath());

Quickly Get Started with Document Viewing REST API

Get started quickly using GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud REST API with the GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK for Java. It facilitates the users and speeds up the development of their applications written in Java while taking care of a lot of low-level details of making requests and handling responses and lets the users focus on writing code specific to their particular project.

Easy Customization Options

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK is 100% tested and out of the box running. The SDK is open source and has an MIT license. You can use it, and even customize it for absolutely free of charge.

Support and Learning Resources

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud also offers individual document rendering SDKs for other popular languages as listed below: