Document Viewing REST API & PHP Cloud SDK

Develop powerful document rendering tools in PHP using REST APIs to accurately view business documents in all popular file formats.

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Quickly get started using GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud with the help of GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK for PHP. The SDK is a modern, open-source PHP library that makes it easy to integrate GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud API in your own PHP applications. With the SDK, you can benefit from all the features of the API in a much easier and quicker manner. The SDK provides an abstraction over the “low-level” details of making requests and handling responses, for a simpler and more intuitive coding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to create my own PHP app to view documents?

Check out GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK for PHP at GitHub if you are looking for the source code to view file in the Cloud.

Can I try GroupDocs.Viewer REST APIs on PHP for free?

You can try GroupDocs.Viewer Low-Code PHP APIs without any limitations.

I do not want to upload my confidential files anywhere? What are my options?

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud is also available as Docker image which can be used to self-host the service. Or you may build your own services using GroupDocs.Viewer High-code APIs which currently drive our REST APIs.

Advanced Document Viewer REST API Features

Render documents as HTML5

Render documents as Image

Rotate, reorder & watermark pages

Render documents as PDF

Render document attachments

APIs are secured and require authentication

Document Rendering

Render and display various document formats within PHP applications.

Document Viewing Options

Choose from multiple viewing options, including whole documents, specific pages, or custom page ranges.

Output Formats

View documents in HTML, image (JPEG, PNG, TIFF), or PDF formats.

Simplified Integration

Easily incorporate document viewing capabilities into PHP applications.

Viewer Customization

Customize viewer settings such as zoom levels, rotation, and text selection.

Metadata Extraction

Extract document metadata, including properties, page count, and file size.

Watermarking and Annotations

Add watermarks to documents and annotate them with text comments, highlights, and shapes.

Secure Communication

Ensure secure communication between the PHP application and GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud API.

Efficient Caching

Utilize an efficient caching mechanism to optimize rendering performance.

High Availability

Benefit from the high availability and reliability of GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud for PHP.

Document Conversion

Convert documents to different formats, such as Word to PDF or Excel to HTML.

Thumbnail Generation

Generate thumbnail images for document pages to provide a quick overview.

Text Extraction

Extract text content from documents for further processing or analysis.

Print Support

Print documents directly from your PHP application using GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud.

Document Rotation

Rotate document pages to adjust the orientation as needed.

Document Zooming

Zoom in or out of document pages to control the level of detail displayed.

Document Pagination

Apply pagination to large documents for easier navigation and reading.

Document Navigation

Navigate through document pages using intuitive controls, such as next/previous buttons or page dropdown.

Responsive Design

Ensure a seamless viewing experience on different devices and screen sizes with responsive design.

Document Protection

Protect documents with password encryption to restrict unauthorized access.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Ensure compatibility with popular web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

File Storage Integration

Integrate with popular file storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon S3 to access and render documents.

Document Search

Perform full-text search within documents to quickly locate specific content.

Document Thumbnail Navigation

Use thumbnail images as a visual navigation aid to jump to specific document pages.

Document Bookmarking

Create bookmarks within documents to bookmark specific sections or pages.

Document Metadata Update

Update document metadata, such as title, author, or keywords.

Document Extraction to Images

Extract individual document pages as separate image files.

Document Pagination Customization

Customize the appearance and behavior of document pagination controls.

Preload Document Pages

Preload document pages in advance for smoother and faster navigation.

Document Thumbnails Customization

Customize the appearance and layout of document thumbnail images.

Document Printing Options

Configure printing options, such as page size, orientation, and number of copies.

Document Zooming

Customize zoom levels and options for document viewing.

Document Image Extraction

Extract individual images embedded within documents.

Document Security Customization

Customize security options, such as encryption algorithms or password complexity.

Document Zooming Modes

Provide different zooming modes, such as fit to width, fit to height, or actual size.

Document Printing

Customize printing options, such as headers, footers, or page numbering.

Document Page Extraction

Extract individual pages or ranges of pages from a document.

Document Thumbnails Generation

Generate custom thumbnail images for specific document pages.

Document Hyperlinks

Preserve and navigate hyperlinks within documents.

Document Image Rendering

Render document images with high quality and fidelity.

Document Responsive UI

Provide a responsive user interface for document viewing on different devices.

Document Password Encryption

Encrypt documents with passwords to protect sensitive information.

Document Access Control

Control document access based on user roles and permissions.

Document CAD Drawing Support

View and render CAD drawings and models within documents.

Document Markup Export

Export document annotations and markups for further analysis or reporting.

Document Thumbnails Navigation

Navigate through document pages using thumbnail images for quick navigation.

Document Page Fit Modes

Provide different fit modes for document pages, such as fit to width or fit to height.

Document Page Labels

Add custom labels or captions to document pages for easy identification.

Document Comments and Discussions

Enable users to add comments and engage in discussions within documents.

Document Thumbnails Preloading

Preload document thumbnails in advance for faster thumbnail navigation.

Document Custom Fonts Support

Support custom fonts within documents for accurate rendering.

Document Mobile Optimization

Optimize document viewing experience on mobile devices with responsive design.

Document Text Search Options

Customize text search options, such as case sensitivity or search within specific fields.

Document Page Extraction as Images

Extract individual document pages as separate image files.

Document Text Extraction with Formatting

Extract text content from documents while preserving formatting and styles.

Document Dynamic Watermarks

Apply dynamic watermarks to documents with variables such as timestamps or user information.

Document Image Quality Control

Control the quality and compression settings for rendered document images.

Document Page Thumbnails Export

Export document page thumbnails as separate image files.

Document File Format Conversion

Convert documents from one file format to another, such as Word to PDF or Excel to HTML.

Document Image Scaling and Rotation

Scale and rotate document images for better visualization and printing.

Document Image Compression

Compress document images to reduce file size while maintaining visual quality.

Document Image Resolution Control

Control the resolution and DPI (dots per inch) of rendered document images.

Document Text Encoding Support

Support various text encodings within documents, including Unicode or specific character sets.

Document Text Extraction with Layout Information

Extract text content from documents while preserving layout and formatting information.

Document Pagination Customization

Customize the appearance and behavior of document pagination controls.

Document Extraction to Plain Text

Extract document content as plain text for analysis or indexing purposes.

Document Print Scaling Options

Adjust print scaling options for accurate and proportional document printing.

Document Content Encryption

Encrypt document content to protect sensitive information.

Quick and Reliable Document Presentation

The cloud-based viewer API has the ability to display different document formats without compromising on the performance. Features of the API can be used via the SDK, with just a few lines of code.

Quickly render any document - PHP

  //Get your App SID, App Key and Storage Name at (free registration is required).
  // Initializing and setting configuration
  $configuration = new GroupDocs\Viewer\Configuration();

  $apiInstance = new GroupDocs\Viewer\ViewerApi($configuration);
  $viewOptions = new GroupDocs\Viewer\Model\ViewOptions();

  $fileInfo = new GroupDocs\Viewer\Model\FileInfo();

  $request = new GroupDocs\Viewer\Model\Requests\CreateViewRequest($viewOptions);
  $response = $apiInstance->createView($request);

Quickly Get Started with Document Viewing REST API

Get started using GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud REST API with the GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK for PHP. It facilitates the users and speeds up the development of applications written in PHP while taking care of low-level details of making requests and handling responses and lets the users focus on writing code specific to their particular project.

Easy Customization

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK is 100% tested and out-of-the-box running. The SDK is open source and has an MIT license. You can use it, and even customize it for absolutely free of any charge.


GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud also offers individual document rendering SDKs for other popular languages as listed below: