Java Cloud SDK for Document Watermarking

Add, edit, search and delete watermarks from all popular document and images file formats using watermarking Cloud SDK for Java and REST API.

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Java Watermark SDK and REST API

GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud SDK for Java


GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud SDK for Java easily integrates with GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud REST API to manage text or image watermarks in the documents of various file formats including Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Visio, PDF, OpenDocument, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and many more.

The API is flexible, feature-rich and offers straightforward methods to manage and manipulate watermarks from supported document types. Perform watermarking features like adding, searching, updating and deleting without using any external software. The watermarking SDK is makes it possible to perform watermark search operation within documents and edit or remove watermarks that were added already by any third-party tool. You can also control the customization of watermarks by specifying the text style, font, size, color or position as per your project requirements.

GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud is a REST API that makes it a perfect choice for programmers to use it with any language or platform that is capable to make REST API calls. It easily integrates with other cloud services to provide an optimal watermarks management experience across web, mobile desktop or cloud platforms.

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Advanced Watermarks Management API Features



Secured watermark management solution


Add or Remove Watermark from a specific pages or whole document


Find text or image-based watermarks inside the documents


Manage formatting settings to manipulate watermarks


Cloud REST API to be used with any language or platform


Search and delete already added watermarks from supported file formats

Remove Watermark from Document – Java

//Get your App SID, App Key and Storage Name at (free registration is required).
public class RemoveWatermarks {

	public static void main(String[] args) {

		WatermarkApi apiInstance = new WatermarkApi(Common.GetConfiguration());

		try {
			FileInfo fileInfo = new FileInfo();
			RemoveOptions options = new RemoveOptions();
			ImageSearchCriteria imageSearchCriteria = new ImageSearchCriteria();
			FileInfo imageFileInfo = new FileInfo();
			TextSearchCriteria textSearchCriteria = new TextSearchCriteria();
			textSearchCriteria.setSearchText("Watermark text");
			RemoveRequest request = new RemoveRequest(options);
			RemoveResult response = apiInstance.remove(request);

			System.out.println("Resultant file path: " + response.getPath());
		} catch (ApiException e) {
			System.err.println("Exception while calling WatermarkApi:");

Support and Learning Resources


GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud also offers individual watermarking SDKs for other languages as listed below: