Metadata Management Cloud SDK for Java

Metadata manipulation REST API to manage metadata properties from over 60 document, images and multimedia file formats in any language or platform.

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GroupDocs.Metadata Cloud SDK for Java

GroupDocs.Metadata Cloud SDK for Java


GroupDocs.Metadata Cloud SDK for Java makes it easier for developers to incorporate document metadata manipulation features within any java-based application by quickly integrating it with GroupDocs.Metadata Cloud REST API.

The metadata extraction API is flexible and feature-rich, allowing users to view, add, update, search, retrieve and remove metadata properties from various document and image file formats such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, OneNote, and Project), PDF, metafiles, Photoshop and AutoCAD, audio and video file types. GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud is a REST API that can be used with any language or platform of your choice. It saves you valuable development cost and time by managing API requests and responses to let you focus only on writing up the specific source code that is needed in your project.

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Advanced Document Metadata REST API Features



Secured REST oriented Metadata Management API


Supporting more than 60 popular file formats


Ability to View/Add Metadata


Retrieve & Remove Metadata from Documents and Images


Perform Search & Modify Metadata Operations on Supported File Types


Flexible and Easy to Integrate with any language or platform

Remove Metadata by Property Name - Java

//Get your App SID, App Key and Storage Name at (free registration is required).
String MyAppKey = ""; // Get AppKey and AppSID from
String MyAppSid = ""; // Get AppKey and AppSID from
Configuration configuration = new Configuration(MyAppSid, MyAppKey);
MetadataApi apiInstance = new MetadataApi(configuration);
RemoveOptions options = new RemoveOptions();
SearchCriteria searchCriteria = new SearchCriteria();
NameOptions nameOptions = new NameOptions();
FileInfo fileInfo = new FileInfo();
RemoveRequest request = new RemoveRequest(options);
RemoveResult response = apiInstance.remove(request);

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GroupDocs.Metadata Cloud also offers individual Metadata management SDKs for other languages as listed below: